Do you offer a monthly membership?

We do not offer a monthly subscription package. However, we offer class credits with no additional fees, with the choice of buying 1, 5, 10, 20, 30 or 50 classes. We also provide one-on-one personal training sessions.

Can I share my credits with my friends?

Yes you can! All packages, excluding the Trial Combo, can be shared. This means you and your friends can have access to all the credits for a particular package. Just let us know who you want to share your package with and we will set everything up for you.

Why do I need to wrap my hands?

You need to wrap your hands before every class for safety and hygienic purposes. Wraps will help protect and secure your wrists and knuckles when boxing, the two areas of your hands which are prone to injury.

Do you clean your gloves?

We clean our gloves daily with a multi step process which involves anti bacterial spray, powder and smell neutraliser to ensure that all gloves are pleasant to use before every class..

Does your studio have a shower and towels?

Yes! We have showers and provide face and bath towels, free of charge. Just ask our reception and they’ll get a towel for you.

Do you sell bottled water?

Unfortunately we don’t sell bottled mineral water. However, we have a water dispenser which dispenses hot water, cold water and water at room temperature and highly encourage our members to bring their own water bottle. If you don’t have a bottle, you can head over to the Japan Grocer next door to buy mineral water.

What are the differences in booking under ClassPass?

We have a partnership with Classpass, however not all our classes will be listed and some classes only offer limited spots. Additionally, you cannot pre book your bag on Classpass, and free spots for Classpass are usually situated at the back of the boxing studio.

Does Tribe subsidise any parking fees?

Unfortunately, we cannot subsidise any parking fees when parking in the Arcoris car park.

It says I am unable to log in because the "browser isn't accepting cookies", what do I do?

You simply change your browser settings to accept cookies.

iPhone: Go to settings > Safari and scroll down to the 'Privacy & Security' section. Turn 'Block All Cookies' back on. When prompted, confirm by selecting 'Block All'. Finally, turn 'Block All Cookies' back OFF.

Android: Go to your browser settings, locate the setting options for cookies (can be located in 'Site Settings' or 'Privacy & Security' sections, dependant on the browser being used). Check the 'Allow Cookies' option on and off.


Do I need to buy a package to do a class?

Yes! Before you can buy a package and book a class, you need to create an account with us. You can create an account by clicking this link.

Can I book a spot for my friend?

Yes you can! However you can book a maximum of 5 spots per class under each Tribe account. It would be worthwhile to activate package sharing with your friends - this will give your friends access to the package you want to share so they can book anytime they want.

Can I pay for my package after my class?

You can pay for your packages using our online payment gateway on our website. If you want to pay in studio, give us a call on when you want to attend a class, we’ll add the package to your account and you can pay on the day of your class before it starts.

Can my friend and I split our payment when buying a package?

Yes! Just give us a call or email or walk into the studio with you and your friend(s) and we can arrange this for you. We do not support split payments on our online payment systems, this can only be done in studio.

I’m going to be away and my credits will expire - can I extend the expiry date?

No - we cannot extend the expiry date for any package.

My instructor changed within the 12 hour cancellation window - can I get my credit back?

In this particular situation, we will return your used credit back into your account.

*If there is a last minute emergency - can I reclaim my credit? In most cases yes, we will return your credit back into your account. However, if our team observes a recurring pattern in returning class credits, you may not receive your credit back.

I didn’t book a class but was in the area, are walkins permitted?

Of course! We highly encourage walking. However, please bear in mind that classes may be full during peak times and you may not be able to get a spot in a class - so it’s always better to call in advance.


What happens in a Tribe class?

11 Rounds | 50 Minutes | Cardio Boxing
Pumping Music, Cool Instructor, Individual 6ft heavy bags Begin with a group warm up and shadow boxing followed by boxing, cardio, strength and body-weight conditioning exercises.

I have never boxed before, can I do the class?

Yes! We believe everyone can box. Before every class, we provide a short demonstration on everything you need to know for the class. So whether you are a beginner or a retired professional, a Tribe class will provide a killer workout for you!

Are there any age restrictions?

We highly encourage our participants to be 15 years old and older - this is just to ensure our gloves provide a comfortable fit and prevent any injuries due to gloves being too small.

What do I need to bring to the class?

All you need to bring is comfortable workout clothes, socks, shoes and a water bottle! We provide towels, wraps and boxing gloves for you.